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January 11th, 2010
Fake Drugs are Faking out More Consumers

The makers of counterfeit prescription drugs are greatly advancing their production techniques in order to get a share of the estimated $75 billion market in fake drugs, researchers are reporting.

Some of the counterfeit tactics include utilizing the exact same technology that genuine pharmaceutical companies employ to identify their products as the real thing.

Today’s fake drugs have advanced not only in terms of packaging and look, but in the ingredient list as well. Some fake medication may even contain a small amount of real medicinal ingredients such as acetaminophen. The inclusion of real medicine exploits the placebo effect by tricking drug testers or patients into believing they are taking real drugs.

Often, fake drugs contain completely different drugs, such as Viagra being found in malaria medicine. They can also contain dangerous ingredients, such as a medicine that killed hundreds of patients in Nigeria, Panama and Bangladesh recently. Security features, such as holograms, are also being copied to make the fake packaging look identical to the real medication.

So how can consumers tell the difference between counterfeit drugs and real drugs?  The best advice is to always order medications from a licensed online pharmacy that is verified.  A licensed online pharmacy will always have their pharmacy information, location, license number and site manager clearly posted on their website.  In addition, they should also be verified by pharmacychecker.com, the leading online pharmacy watchdog.  A perfect example of what a licensed Canadian online pharmacy should look like is http://www.orderonlinedrugs.com/.

Never purchase prescription drugs from a pharmacy that is not licensed or verified.   Remember to always buy medications from a verified source such as OrderOnlineDrugs in order to stay safe and healthy.


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