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January 28th, 2010
71 Weight Loss Tips: 71 Healthy and Easy ways to Lose Weight

In order to have a successful weight loss you need to have motivation and healthy expectations. If you set realistic goals and follow these 71 weight loss tips, you can lose weight in a healthy way and you can expect to see results fast.

71 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks:

1. Keep Notes: Always record your food intake and any exercise you get in a day. Looking back over your notes will reveal any major problems. Start a food and workout diary or log today.
2. Set goals: If you set goals for yourself that are achievable and realistic you will have more desire to accomplish them. Allow yourself healthy rewards.
3. Workout with a friend: If you have a friend who is also trying to lose weight or wants to get in shape, you will have more motivation to go to the gym. Healthy competition is always good.
4. Eat mini meals: Eating more small meals throughout the day helps boost your metabolism, try to eat at least 6 small snacks/meals a day.
5. Prioritize: Always make time for exercise. Schedule a time and stick with your schedule. No excuses!
6. Find a passion: If you love doing one form of exercise, stick with it! If you find a passion in belly dancing or long distance running, you are more likely to enjoy losing weight.
7. Don’t follow diets: Extreme dieting or diet pills are often harmful to your body, try to avoid these. If they do have an effect, it is likely to only last for a short time.
8. Eat at the dinner table only: If you eat in front of your computer or the TV, you will not be focusing on eating. You will not enjoy your meal, and you will probably eat too much.
9. Water! Lots of It! Drink plenty of water all day to keep hydrated. If you keep a glass of water close at hand, it will help prevent casual eating. Water helps trick your body into feeling full faster.
10. Don’t eat out as much: If you are dining at a restaurant, stick to the healthy menu and eat small portions. Order water instead of cola or alcohol. (Remember: Sometimes salads have more calories than a burger!)
11. Know your body: Understand that no two people are alike. You may need a different calorie intake, workout or motivation to lose weight.
12. Follow the 90/10 rule: This means that you will eat right/healthy 90% of the time and eat “ok” 10% of the time. Nobody’s perfect!
13. Eat your vegetables: Eating celery actually burns calories and cucumbers have extremely high water content, which is great for hydration!
14. Learn from the past: One diet didn’t work for you? Why not? Did you eat too much ice cream last week? What triggered that? Learn from your mistakes and adapt.
15. Take it slow: Don’t expect to lose 25 pounds in a short time. If you do manage to lose an extreme amount of weight quickly, it will usually come back.
16. Make changes you can live with: If you’re going to make changes to your lifestyle, make them enjoyable. Losing weight shouldn’t be torture.
17. You are what you eat: The old adage is true.
18. Clean your cupboards: If you have leftover cookies in your kitchen, you are more likely to eat them. Give away or throw away all your junk food.
19. Weigh yourself daily: Some people disagree with this, but weighing yourself every day can make you aware of your gains and losses and help you keep on track.
20. Stop eating at 6: If you eat anything after 6, your body has less time to digest before falling asleep.
21. Increase your walking speed: Don’t just stroll, try to walk as fast as you can as much as possible.
22. Ditch the car: On that note, forget about your car and start walking everywhere you can.
23. Avocados: This miracle fruit helps burn fat with its high concentrations of monounsaturated fat
24. Chilli peppers: This spicy vegetable has a chemical build that burns calories and prevents fat storage in your body.
25. Salmon: If in doubt, eat salmon. This fish is a great source of Omega 3 acids which help quicken your metabolism.
26. Blueberries: Rich in antioxidants, blueberries can change the way your body stores fat and uses glucose.
27. Take a multivitamin: Many people do not get enough vitamins in their diet, make sure you get enough with a daily multivitamin.
28. Take EPA/DHA fish oil supplements: Fish oil helps decrease the risk of cancer but as a bonus helps you shed more fat!
29. Stop drinking alcohol, cola, and juices: These drinks are a waste of calories when you can feel just as satisfied by drinking water.
30. Spice up your meals: Adding spice to your food is extremely healthy and also adds flavour to boring dishes!
31. Stay positive: Always look on the bright side and never let any negative emotions get in the way of losing weight.
32. Personal trainers are great investments: If you don’t have the right workout routine while at the gym, you may not be getting the desired results. Hire a personal trainer to streamline your workout for the results you want.
33. Don’t exercise too much: Exercise is amazing, but over-exercising can be extremely dangerous. Only do what is necessary.
34. Sit ups instead of sit downs: Try to work out your abs at least three times a day. Don’t worry; you won’t see instant results because the soft tissue below gets toned first.
35. Drink green tea: This amazing tea is useful for increasing metabolism and decreasing overall fat.
36. Eat slowly: Enjoy your meal and every bite you take. Eat slowly to help digestion and make you feel fuller for longer.
37. Fibre: Always remember to eat lots of fibre!
38. Eat more fruits and vegetables: You may think you are eating enough, but it is likely that you are still not getting enough.
39. The royal meal plan: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
40. Take the stairs: Does your building have an elevator? Take the stairs instead.
41. Quit smoking: Quitting smoking may cause significant weight gain, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.
42. Workout to music: Music helps keep your energy up and keeps you motivated for longer.
43. Less salt: Try to reduce your sodium intake to only 2300 mg a day. This is helpful to reduce excess water retention along with preventing coronary heart disease.
44. Give your exercise a change every two months: If you change the way you workout, not only will it reduce boredom, but it can create balance in your muscles and help build muscle in your entire body.
45. Celebrate when you achieve a goal! If you have finally achieved a goal, reward yourself! Don’t immediately go for food, buy something you’ve really wanted or go to a movie/special event.
46. Buy new clothes: Nothing is more satisfying than losing weight and buying new, smaller clothes.
47. Sign up for a marathon: If you have entered a marathon or other sporting competition, you will have more motivation to exercise. Create a physical challenge that also gives a purpose to your routine.
48. Stay active on vacations: You can lounge around on the beach or sip a cocktail, but try to also fit in some activity. Try hiking, surfing, or skiing.
49. Get a pedometer: A pedometer keeps track of how many steps you take. Set higher targets and walk more.
50. Stop being a couch potato: Try to do something while sitting in front of the television. You can stretch, stand up, or casually use an exercise machine.
51. Enjoy the indulge: If you indulge in a dessert, enjoy it! Don’t feel guilty; just limit these indulgences to make them feel special.
52. Buy individually packaged snacks: If you do snack, these smaller packages will help you avoid over eating.
53. At least 15 minutes of exercise everyday: If you have had a busy day at work or are feeling extra lazy, at least TRY to exercise for 15 minutes. Take a quick walk or run. We guarantee you’ll feel better.
54. Don’t compare yourself to others: You are unique, love your body and what you have been given. Avoid feeling jealous of others.
55. Play with kids: If you have kids or know kids, play with them. Kids are VERY active and will make you match their speed.
56. Avoid white: White sugar, white flour, and white bread are all bad for you. Go for whole wheat or whole grain instead.
57. Be Careful with diet pills: If you do feel as if it is necessary to take diet pills, research and ask questions. Ask your doctor which pills are the best, safest options.
58. Don’t give up: If you’ve hit your breaking point, or you haven’t lost any weight for days, don’t worry. Try to find out what’s holding you back and work on it. Consult your weight-loss journal or seek a nutritionist.
59. Hire a nutritionist: Most people do now know exactly what food will keep them healthy. Seek advice from a professional.
60. Remember to rest: Don’t work out every single day. Rest your body. Turn a special day into a day of relaxation.
61. Always eat breakfast: Skipping breakfast will only make you tired and sluggish. Eat fruits, protein and other healthy foods.
62. Forget frying: If you are cooking meat, either grill or boil. Frying food adds too many calories.
63. If you are full, stop eating: It may seem obvious, but most people continue to eat even after they are full. If you don’t want any more food, remove the plate from your view.
64. Get a massage: Stress is one of the main causes for over-eating and gaining weight. Get a massage every week to stay happy.
65. Avoid processed foods: Don’t you think it’s unnatural that these foods can stay in your cupboard for so long? Eat only fresh food that you can get from a local market.
66. Don’t become vegetarian just as a reason to lose weight: Vegetarians can have bad eating habits too. Always be aware of what you are eating.
67. Go Nuts: Eat nuts, they improve your metabolism and help with burning calories.
68. Eat less Carbs: Carbohydrates are good in small doses, but try to limit your portions of pasta, rice and bread.
69. Fruit for dessert: Instead of fatty ice creams or cakes, eat delicious fruits. Their natural sugars are much healthier than the other option.
70. Garlic: One of the best vegetables for fat burning!
71. Begin now: Don’t tell yourself that you’ll start eating healthy next week. Why not start right away? Even small steps at the start will lead you in the right direction.

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