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February 17th, 2010
Lower Your Cholesterol: Foods to Avoid

Those who suffer from high cholesterol know that the most important way to lower cholesterol levels is through strictly following a healthy diet. However, many people are still confused as to which food they need to avoid that contains high cholesterol content. It can become tricky when some high cholesterol foods are a good source of essential nutrients such as protein, fatty acids, macro- and micro-nutrients and carbohydrates.

Learn to read food labels and understand that “Cholesterol free food” means less than 2 mg cholesterol and 2 g or less fat. “Low cholesterol food” means 20 mg or less cholesterol and 2 g or less saturated fat. “Fat free foods” means less than ½ g fat and “Free” does not mean zero fat. “Low fat food” means 3 g or less fat while “Reduced fat food” means at least 25% less fat than similar normal fat food.

To avoid heart disease, reduce consumption of the following foods from your diet:

  1. Animal products such as egg, meat, poultry, fish and higher fat milk products.
  2. Processed or pre-prepared foods such as cookies, muffins, and pastries. All of these products contain high amounts of fat including trans-fats.
  3. Any food that has been deep-fried

If you must, eat the following high cholesterol foods in limit:

Beef, liver, cooked or pan-fried (410 mg of cholesterol)
Chicken, stewed and meat only (300 mg)
Lamb (70 mg)
Sponge Cake (106 mg)
MacDonald’s egg McMuffin (235 mg)
Boiled egg (225 mg)
French Vanilla Ice Cream (155 mg)
Cream Cheese (27 mg)
Cheddar Cheese (19 mg)
Butter (250 mg)

Take care of your body by eating foods that can control cholesterol and protect your heart such as spinach, broccoli, tea, tuna, tofu, wheat germ and more.  Avoid high cholesterol foods, stay active, and always talk to your doctor about any changes in health.  If you need further help lowering your cholesterol, talk to your doctor about Lipitor – a widely used prescription drug for people with high cholesterol.

For more information about Lipitor and tips on how to lower high cholesterol, visit www.orderonlinedrugs.com


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