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February 23rd, 2010
Diagnosing Depression: Recognizing the Warning Signs

Do you really have depression or are you just feeling a little down in the dumps? Most of the time, people find it difficult to distinguish between depression and general unhappiness. However, while most cases of general unhappiness resolve on their own, depression can last for a long time with severe symptoms.

Although people who suffer from depression do not always exhibit the same symptoms, there are several warning signs that are common in the early stages of depression. Those who experience these warning signs of depression for more than two weeks should seek help. Patients diagnosed with depression can be treated with prescription antidepressant drugs such as Wellbutrin or Zoloft that helps increase serotonin in nerve cells to normal levels. Here are some of the most common warning signs of depression:

1. Constant sad, anxious, or “empty” feelings. Sometimes just feeling sad is a huge clue, especially if there is not an obvious reason as to why these feelings arise. Crying frequently or easily can also be another symptom.

2. Mood changes. Mixed feelings of anxiety, panic, guilt, hopelessness, and a low sense of esteem or self-worth are common symptoms of depression.

3. Increased agitation and restlessness. Too much or too little sleep can be a symptom of depression. Waking up very early in the morning (2am – 5am) and finding it hard to get back to sleep is usually associated with stress, anxiety and depression.

4. Appetite change. People who suffer from depression may either have an increased or decreased appetite.

5. Loss of interest in activities or hobbies that was once pleasurable. A lack of interest or participation in activities or social situations is frequently seen in depressed patients.

6. Sexual dysfunction. A reduced libido can be a sign of depression. Other symptoms can include erectile dysfunction (ED), difficulty reaching orgasm, and losing interest/enjoyment in sex.

7. Difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making decisions. Depression often slows down basic mental functions.

8. Frequent thoughts of dying or suicide. Having a suicide plan or expressing interest in death or suicide is one of the most important warning signs of depression. A similar symptom is if a patient conveys the thought that things would be better if they were dead or had never been born.

9. Persistent pain, dizziness, headaches or other maladies that do not go away with treatment. Depression makes everything seem worse, so if a patient has symptoms that remain completely unexplained after a medical evaluation, consider a diagnosis of depression.

Many symptoms of depression can be due to a variety of medical problems or personal issues. Regardless, if you recognize any of these warning signs for depression in yourself or a loved one, consider visiting a medical professional for a medical or psychological evaluation. Consult your doctor before taking any antidepressant prescription drugs like Celexa, and remember that treating depression is different for everybody.

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