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March 16th, 2010
Drug and Alcohol Information for Elementary Students

Almost all drugs have a strong potential for addiction and abuse, from alcohol to prescription medicine. In order to prevent early mistreatment, it’s important to provide sufficient drug and alcohol information for elementary students.

prescription drug abuse can be deadly“For the first time in history, people as young as elementary students are more likely than ever to abuse a prescription painkiller rather than an illicit drug such as cocaine, crack, LSD or ecstasy”

Today, most children are not using the hard drugs that have been popular in past years. Kids have now found a new way to get intoxicated; a way that is cheaper, easier and convenient. Prescription drugs have taken the place of cocaine, crack, LSD and ecstasy to help kids become intoxicated. For the first time in history, people as young as elementary students are more likely to abuse a prescription painkiller like Ketorolac rather than an illicit drug.

The rise in prescription drug abuse comes from the easy accessibility and the lack of drug and alcohol information for elementary students. To help increase the amount of information available, educate younger students and children with more information about prescription medications. Tell them that:

  • Prescription drugs that are taken without approval from a doctor can be as dangerous as taking illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Abusing painkillers is like doing heroin because their ingredients are so similar and both drugs are opiates
  • Prescription medication is specifically made to treat illness and is powerful substances. When a drug is not being used for its real reason, it becomes a controlled substance and the impact on a person can be deadly
  • Many pills look the same or very similar and are easy to mix up. This can lead to extreme reactions based on a body’s chemistry. It is incredibly dangerous to take drugs that are unknown

So what can you do to prevent prescription drug abuse or addiction? Parents and educators need to supply adequate drug and alcohol information for elementary students. Here are some great tips for discussing drugs and sharing drug information with students:

  • Learn about the effects of various prescription drugs and share this information
  • Role play with children and teach them how easy it is to say “NO” to anybody that offers them drugs
  • For older children, describe the horrible things that can happen to an individual that abuses certain drugs (ex. Vomiting, sexual side effects, etc…)
  • Tell children about the devastating effect drug addiction can have on their future

Young children need to learn about the dangers of drugs as soon as possible. In addition, make sure to keep any prescription drugs you may have in a safe place. Drug education is the most important step in battling against drug and alcohol addiction and abuse.

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