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March 23rd, 2010
Obama Answers: Health Care Reform what is the Status?

United States president Barack Obama ended the questions of “health care reform what is the status?” today by officially signing sweeping health care reform into law. This $938-billion overhaul guarantees coverage for 32 million uninsured Americans and will likely affect every citizen in some way. The senate must now meet to pass a package of changes that will resolve the differences between Senate and House bills.

president obama recommends legislation on health care“This $938-billion overhaul guarantees coverage for 32 million uninsured Americans and will likely affect every citizen in some way.”

If the changes are agreed upon, those asking about health care reform what is the status will finally be appeased. Here are some of the major changes of the health care reform that may affect you:

Within the first year:

  • Young adults can remain on their parents’ insurance until they turn 27 years old.
  • Senior citizen health care reform will include receiving a $250 rebate to help fill a lack in Medicare prescription drug coverage.
  • Insurers will not be allowed to cancel policies to avoid paying medical bills when a person falls ill.
  • New plans must provide coverage for protective services without co-pays. All plans must comply with this by 2018.
  • Businesses with less than 50 employees will receive tax credits covering 35% of their health care premiums, rising to 50% by 2014.

By 2011:

  • Medicare will offer free annual wellness visits and personalized prevention plans. New plans will be required to cover protective services with no co-pay.
  • A 50% discount will be provided on brand name prescription drugs for people enrolled in Prescription Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage. Additional discounts on brand name and generic drugs will gradually increase by 2020.
  • The Medicare payroll tax will increase from 1.45 percent to 2.35 percent for individuals earning more than $200,000 and married filing jointly above $250,000.

By 2013:

  • Contributions to flexible savings accounts will be limited to $2,500 per year, indicated by the Consumer Price Index in subsequent years.
  • Employers will lose the tax deduction for subsidizing prescription drug plans for Medicare Part D-eligible retirees.
  • Depending on what is the status of the health care reform, a 2.9% excise tax will be added to the first sale of medical devices. Exempt are eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or other items for individual use.

By 2014:

  • Citizens will be required to have acceptable coverage or pay a penalty of $95 in 2014, $325 in 2015, $695 in 2016. Families will be made to pay half the amount for children, up to a cap of $2,250 per family. After 2016, penalties are decided by Consumer Price Index.
  • With the health care reform, companies with 50 or more employees must offer coverage to employees or pay a $2,000 penalty per employee.
  • Insurers cannot refuse to sell or renew policies because of an individual’s health status. Health plans cannot exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. Insurers cannot charge higher rates because of health status, gender or other factors.
  • Medicaid eligibility will rise to 133% of poverty for all non-senior individuals to guarantee that people acquire reasonably priced health care in the most efficient and appropriate manner. States will receive increased federal funding to cover this new group.

By 2018:

  • A tax will be imposed on high-cost, employer-provided health care plans beyond $27,500 for family coverage and $10,200 for single coverage. This will increase to $30,950 for families and $11,850 for individuals, retirees and employees in high-risk professions.

Although the answer to “health care reform what is the status” may seem obvious, many of the law’s most dramatic changes will not actually take effect for years. One of the most popular changes includes tax credits to help pay for premiums for middle-class working families with incomes up to $88,000 a year. Medicaid will also be expanded to cover more low-income people.

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